What will the next decade bring for online travel?

2010 April 1
by admin

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce will change the face of travel shopping in the next decade. Although the recently launched iPad has generated widespread interest about shopping on the move, it will be the next generation of mobile devices that really starts to transform things. The jury remains out on the iPad, with mixed reviews resonating around the internet, but Apple and its competitors will be working hard to improve speed and usability issues. Lightweight mobile devices are sure to become integral to everyday life for quick browsing, price and availability comparison and instant shopping.

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Yahoo! Answers – a cost effective social networking tool linking businesses and customers

2010 March 29
by admin

Yahoo! Answers is a social network built around the idea that you can always find someone who knows the answer to anything online. It provides opportunities for millions of people to participate in a digital dialogue on one dedicated channel. The website recognises that people want to talk to people, not mass corporations. They don’t just want to hear big corporations evangelising about their latest product, they want to find solutions to their needs and desires.

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Dominos utilises Social Media Outreach campaign to respond to criticism

2010 March 20

Dominos Pizza realised there was a problem when its deliveries reportedly fell by 6% in 2009 based on the previous years figures. According to a Brand Keys survey it ranked highly on delivery and value yet faired poorly in customer taste preferences.

The Pizza Turnaround campaign was the company’s response, which demonstrates how Dominos learned to embrace social networking channels to connect with its customers and harshest critics. The action plan involved a social outreach campaign designed to read more…